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i sent this out to the mailing list...but to those of you not on it or who are not receiving emails.

hello to all who will be receiving this long after it's been sent out because your away from your computers due to wonderful spring breaks, i'm jealous.
anyways, i'm stuck here in athens, so i figured i might as well be productive, right?
just a reminder to everyone, in case you haven't realized it, if we don't get another issue of the student body out before the end of march then we will have not fulfilled our goal of getting one out every two months. So i'd like to thus make the suggestion that we have a meeting sometime during the first week back from break inorder to collect all the submissions to The Student Body and figure out where we can do layout. Then we could possibly do layout on Saturday and print on Sunday or Monday...Then pass out the issue on Monday or Tuesday. These are all suggestions I have no type of power to say "This is when we're doing it, too bad."
Oh and another thing, I think we should talk to the people at The Duplication Station. I went in there to talk them about printing costs (the owner was out of town at the time). From what the woman was able to tell me it sounds like it would be cheaper to do printing there, not to mention i think it's a good idea to spread our money around to different businesses.
Another note about money...GRANT. I'm going to start writing one/outlining, i think, but i REALLY need help. Not to mention, i don't want to waste my time doing it if we can't pull ourselves together and get issues out on a regular basis....No organization is going to give money to a group of people who cannot be stable about dates and printing.
I think we need to have a regrouping meeting...This last attempt at putting out an issue DID NOT work, we need to get motivated again! So if people would like to email me with times that would be good for them during the first week back they can (that way you don't have to flood everyone's inbox) and then i'll compile a list. my email addy is
alright, have a good break everyone....and hopefully we can get this thing together.
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