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The Student Body
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The Student Body Manifesto (revised . . just a bit)

All around the world and in the world all around us there come times and instances when a person may sacrifice his or her personal integrity for the "common good" of the people . . . this is not such a time.
It is twelve long years from the start of ones academic career to its (anti)dramatic close with the glorious tradition of commencement, closely compared to being handed a pink slip, given a slap on the ass and pushed out the door. Throughout our endeavors, many of us may find that speaking freely is not always in our best interest, hoever, it has come to our attention, through the use fo the simple device of logic, that this plainly cannot be true. We shall be stifled no longer. It has become our goal, our mission one might say, to provide an open forum for all students and people in the community, from the tiniest little tadger, to the world's biggest prick. It is with open doors and open arms that we welcome all views and points - there will be no censorship within the confines of this publication. We cannot guarantee the printing of every sumission, however, for although we shall refute the idea of censorship, as a publication we must still adhere to the laws and guidelines set down by the national and state governments concerning obscenity, content, and libel. Upon nothing these regulations, it must be clarified that what may be thought to be 'obscene' by traditional mores may, in most casses, not nearly approach the current legal definition of such material. Most four-letter words that classicaly would be deemed obscene do not come close to surpassing legal limits. As long as it serves some artistic, political, or philosophical purpose, most submissions may be published regardless of their traditional offensive nature. As for libel laws, the information necessary to abide by these standards is significantly less. What must be stated is that any information which is not known to be 100% verified should be checked until such a guarantee can be made, thus providing for the safe passage of any article. In closing may we state that any and all decisions must be made democratically as there is no central editor nor will there ever be. Any submissions may be given to a fellow author or e-mailed to: tsb@oscillating.org as a way of direct contact.

"I disapprove of what you say but i will defend to the death your right to say it"
~ Voltaire

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