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The Student Body

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[10 Apr 2010|08:12am]


Hey guys, new episode of mixtapes&heartaches up this morning, hope you enjoy it. you can go over to http://mixtapesheartaches.podomatic.com/ to listen, download or subscribe via itunes. let me know what you think.


01. The Promise Ring - Make Me a Mixtape
02. Ugly Casanova - Barnacles
03. The Republic of Wolves - Cardinals
04. Piebald - Grace Kelly with Wings
05. The Shins - Spilt Needles
06. Idaho - Shame
07. Mock Orange - She Runs the Ride
08. Delta Spirit - Trashcan (acoustic)
09. The Replacements - Bastards of Young
10. Nada Surf - I'm Sick of You (Iggy Pop)
11. Paper Computer - Luling, TX
12. Colossal - Revisionary
13. The Lyndsay Diaries - The Consequences of Learning How to Fly
14. The Juliana Theory - Duane Joseph
15. Hey Mercedes - The Slightest Idea
16. Cloud City - Blind
17. This Will Destroy You - I Believe in Your Victory
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[17 Oct 2004|03:38pm]

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[14 Aug 2004|10:46am]



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FREE monthly shyness / anxiety newsletter [05 Jul 2004|01:43pm]
Hello, SHY United Newsletter is a free monthly support email newsletter for people who are shy, socially anxious, have low self-esteem or low self confidence. To go to the signup page simply click on the link below:


Shane McKay

SHY United
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[08 Jun 2004|06:42pm]

I have sex with dead bodies
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[23 Nov 2002|10:58pm]

a few days ago (ok... so it was about a week... i tend to procrastinate) a guy came up to me in the hallway before math class and asked me what had happened to the student body. thinking it was a joke, i just gave an apathetic shrug as i began to enter the realm of algebra II. the guy stopped me, and then added, "there are a bunch of people in my study hall who were talking about it today. they want to read it again."

let's not give up.

so, who's in?
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title or description

(picture curtsy of www.adbusters.com)

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[29 Apr 2002|03:24pm]

i really like it when i can't even spell my own name.
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Mark Your Calenders!!! [29 Apr 2002|08:43am]

alright guys,
lydia and i have been doing some behind the scenes work on organizing the benefit concert for the student body.
what it boils down to is that we have ellis (you know the english building, kinda behind MemAud) room 111, reserved for MAY 11, from 6-11pm....that's a saturday....
so lydia and i have been talking to some bands, begging them to play for us for free, and also solo artists...
so if you know anyone talk to them about it, but we need to have all of the music and people that are going to be reading exerts from The Student Body and other personal writing finalized by this Friday.
That will then give us time to make fliers and such.

So if you'd like to help talk to me (i'm sure you all see me, but if not my email address is ppeopleater@yahoo.com)

that's enough for now,
but i'd better see you all there, this will hopefully turn out really well.

oohhhh...i nearly forgot, i'm thinking ticket prices will be $3, plus any donations people are willing to give....anymore and i think we would be losing more people than gaining.

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i sent this out to the mailing list...but to those of you not on it or who are not receiving emails. [17 Mar 2002|12:15pm]

[ mood | productive ]

hello to all who will be receiving this long after it's been sent out because your away from your computers due to wonderful spring breaks, i'm jealous.
anyways, i'm stuck here in athens, so i figured i might as well be productive, right?
just a reminder to everyone, in case you haven't realized it, if we don't get another issue of the student body out before the end of march then we will have not fulfilled our goal of getting one out every two months. So i'd like to thus make the suggestion that we have a meeting sometime during the first week back from break inorder to collect all the submissions to The Student Body and figure out where we can do layout. Then we could possibly do layout on Saturday and print on Sunday or Monday...Then pass out the issue on Monday or Tuesday. These are all suggestions I have no type of power to say "This is when we're doing it, too bad."
Oh and another thing, I think we should talk to the people at The Duplication Station. I went in there to talk them about printing costs (the owner was out of town at the time). From what the woman was able to tell me it sounds like it would be cheaper to do printing there, not to mention i think it's a good idea to spread our money around to different businesses.
Another note about money...GRANT. I'm going to start writing one/outlining, i think, but i REALLY need help. Not to mention, i don't want to waste my time doing it if we can't pull ourselves together and get issues out on a regular basis....No organization is going to give money to a group of people who cannot be stable about dates and printing.
I think we need to have a regrouping meeting...This last attempt at putting out an issue DID NOT work, we need to get motivated again! So if people would like to email me with times that would be good for them during the first week back they can (that way you don't have to flood everyone's inbox) and then i'll compile a list. my email addy is ppeopleater@yahoo.com.
alright, have a good break everyone....and hopefully we can get this thing together.

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[03 Mar 2002|02:39pm]

so yeah, i decided to not give a shit about my lalich paper and instead write my article for The Student Body and take it to the meeting.
i wrote a masterpiece (not really at all), hiked up my skirt and was off to the meeting. upon arriving i find only willow, shoup, and galen. no one else is anywhere to be found.
so uh..where were you guys? did you forget?
willow, i believe,is sending out an email..
we really need to have this meeting, it's terribly important.
do you guys think that tuesday, 4pm at the front room is alright with a majority?
we really need to hurry up on this since we wanted to do the layout this weekend.

*on the bright side, when willow and i were leaving baker, willow found a big bag of clay which she gave to me. yeehaw! i get free clay! (not the claytonious type)...
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Next meeting [20 Feb 2002|04:55pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

So folks! What's doing? Are we ever going to get this next meeting together??

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response . . . [13 Feb 2002|11:52pm]

right . ..
a) grant is thumbs-up. erika, what exactly do you need help with? organizations to submit our plea for money to?
b) editing . . . i'm against real editing in the sense of someone else messing with the author's work. but i think it would be best if the author came to at least one meeting and everyone can mutually read each other's work and find little spelling errors, question validity. that's alright. as far as content goes . .. look at our manifesto. i would rather have even more diversity than we already have. it lends . . strength to the publication, i think. it makes it harder for critics to say 'oh, the whole things was too whiney, too teen-angst ridden' or something like that. which they have done. and the tricky part about editing is that no one has the final say but the author. and even they . . don't really. i dunno, i think we have a nice balance as is, with perhaps some improvement.
c) um . .. monday. that's cutting into my four-day weekend yo! i guess i don't mind that much though. anything for the student body.
d) people, start posting any rough drafted articles and all that fun stuff up here! i'll get something up soon.
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[13 Feb 2002|10:40pm]

alright, the things esther brought up are VERY important.
i'd like to make a big note that i REALLY want to be at the metting on monday, but i have to work from 4-7...so if we could schedual it at a time when i could be at most of it that would be great.

i'm sorry but i think that editing is the worst thing we could do. i think maybe we should read the articles before pasting them down and talk to the authors but in no way keep material out of the paper, to me that would be the worst thing we could possibly do.

and the smaller pages actually are not cheeper they are in fact more expensive because all paper sizes cost the same there but because they are smaller you have to have more pages...atleast that's how i understand this whole mess with kinkos...maybe i'm wrong though..

OH..and does anyone have any ideas about grants..i'm searching but finding it very difficult.

okay...good luck guys...let's figure out this meeting thing.
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[13 Feb 2002|09:45pm]

[ mood | determined ]

Right, I'm adding a serious post, folks. Yay! ^_^
So, this meeting we're talking about having... Monday? Yeah, looks like it'll be pretty important. Here are my two cents concerning TSB policy --
* I would like to go back to the old format -- the smaller page sizes are just so much more pleasing to me. Plus it's a lot cheaper. Which leads me to my second point...
* I'm with Erika on the grant. I think we should go for it. There's little way we can keep on going with issues like #2. I mean, we can only mooch so much off our parents...
* I would also like to discuss editing... I know it's a bad word, but I'm talking about basic things like fact-checks and spelling. Those kinds of errors are embarrassing, and only serve to discredit our work.
* Plus... who has the master layout from #2? 'Cause I want my "Don't postpone joy" stick back... :)

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Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! [11 Feb 2002|11:32pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

*tehe* I just wanted to say that.
Still working on my Kight essay.... wretched.
O loathsome mollusca!

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[11 Feb 2002|10:21pm]

Well, I did it, I made it, and it seems to be coming along well enough.

A few things:

1) I realize that this community (the layout, that is, not the people) is as of yet somewhat wimpy. If you want to add to it, customize the color scheme, add to the interests, or whatever, just im me on aim "goddamn history" and I'll give you the password etc.

2) encourage those who do not have livejournal but are part of the staff to jump on the bandwagon and get LiveJournal, but if they don't want to, then it's them who are missing out on the fun, not us ^_~, they can always just read it, anyways.

3) Be responsible: Have fun, talk about important stuff, talk about fairly unimportant stuff, whatever. But don't turn this into a community of hate if you have a beef with someone... that isn't the purpose of this. I don't think that'll be a problem, but I guess I have to assert my control (and I won't censure you for your beliefs, but no personal attacks, please.)

4) I hope this will bud and people will be able to contribute to our 'zine and use this as a forum for their articles and opinions. I think that would just be wonderful to have open contributions to whoever wishes to contribute (as to the principles of our publication)

5) If you want to make icons for the community, or make it a paid account *gasp* all things are welcome and all possiblities open for discussion.

6) Beautify, Beautify, Beautify. Again, any ideas are good ideas.
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[11 Feb 2002|10:00pm]

yo yo yo, wassup my tsb homies?

well, i'm second to post (unless some fucker beat me to second place in the time it took me to write this). ah well.

so . . i've written another article already in response to willow's on the school's 'abstinence only' policy. and i'm making sure my other two are not left out this time *ahem* i'm not accusing anyone, i just assume they were misplaced, which is my own fault for not being part of the whole layout process.

i found all of the collage clippings. some smart cookie put them back in the envelope from whence they came. of course, the last place i would think to look. *knocks head against monitor and grunts*

finding lots of funny little clippings and shit all over the place. and i've been doing plenty o' artwork as well. if i may be so bold as to create a cover . . . i'll polish it off and see what some of you think of it . . .
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[11 Feb 2002|10:03pm]

mwahhh! i have the first post and i'm not even the one who created this!!!
yeah that's right that shows my greatness.

anyways, tsb is The Student Body, an independent publication at Athens High School in Athens, Ohio.
it is a free and open forum for writers/artists/anyone to express their viewpoints, their creativity, anything..
there is no censorship, no editor, no nothin'...all that is asked is that each writer obeys the U.S. and State censorship and decency laws having to do with print media...i'm sure someone will post all of those up here sometime...

this journal was created because so many people that have previously submited articles and poetry to TSB have livejournal and we thought that this would be a good way to stay upto date and announce meetings,deadlines and such..

i'm sure i left out quite a few things..but it will all eventually be filled in.

write, think, just try and make the world go round.
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